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3 ways you can use Instagram in your job search

Posted on 28 July 2021

3 ways you can use Instagram in your job search

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Instagram is a visual learner's dream. The simplicity of scrolling through videos, reels, photos, and now stories has made the platform one of the most popular social media applications on the market today.

As of January 2021, Instagram had amassed well over 1 billion active users and with more businesses coming to the platform each day, understand how to use this tool in a job search, could help you discover opportunities you might have missed (don’t worry, you can still share photos of your dog).

In this article, we will share three simple, yet effective ways you can use Instagram to aid your job search. Some require a bit more effort than others, but all have been proven to work. Hopefully, by the end, you will be in a position to add Instagram to your searching methods as you would say another job board or Google searching.


Build a personal brand

We will start with the biggest of the three and the most time-consuming.

Building a personal brand takes time, consistency and, good value-added content. Organisations will often search an applicant’s social media to see how they present themselves in their online persona’s and those that take the time and effort to build a personal brand on Instagram that shows their skills, not simply tell them will stand out amongst the crowd of applicants.

You can start building your personal brand around anything, but to keep it job relevant we suggest posting stories, reels and, photos around your specific niche (development, design etc.) that brings value to your audience.

If you are an experienced engineer, then peel back the curtain on various methods, tools and technologies for example.

If you are just starting out, share your journey day by day and let people watch you grow.

Over time you will attract like-minded individuals that could lead to job opportunities being presented directly from hiring managers or recruiters that like your style.


Follow the company’s profiles

Organisations that you are specifically interested in, or have identified that long-term you would like to work for, ensure you follow their company and/or company career pages (sometimes they are different) on Instagram.

More businesses are using Instagram to build their own personal following. It is a free resource for them to advertise on and we hear often that organisations will post job adverts on their free channels first before jumping onto job boards for paid advertisement.

For you, this means you might be able to apply before the mass and get your shot at impressing the hiring manager.

Alongside applying to their jobs, engage with their content to become a familiar name in their comments. This will help any future application become warmer if done in the right way (as in don’t spam their comment pages, add value to each post if you can).


Hashtag your way to a new job

The final way in which you can get Instagram working for you in a job search is by effectively using hashtags in such a way that you are found by hiring managers and recruiters.

Hashtags make a post stand out (when you don’t use 30 of them!). They draw the viewer to see them if they expand your text.

Say you start to build your personal brand and the content you bring to the table picks up attention. Adding at the bottom of your posts ‘#frontenddeveloper #hamburg #jobhunt’ will let the viewer know you are a frontend developer, looking for a new job in Hamburg, offering the chance to message you directly on the platform or reference the post in another channel.


Is Instagram really needed in a modern job search? The short answer is ‘no’, however what Instagram does do is offer another string to your job search bow and a chance for you to expand your personal brand and network into another platform.

In reality, it is a time-consuming tool, but with enough consistency, you will build a good following that could help land that next job for you.


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