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4 reasons why you should keep tabs on the job market

Posted on 21 July 2021

4 reasons why you should keep tabs on the job market

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Looking for a new job shouldn’t be exclusive to when you are unemployed. In more recent years, those that have recognised this have been able to negotiate from a more informed position with their current employers, helping them reach higher promotions and salaries along the way.


This article will introduce 4 reasons why you should be keeping tabs on the job market, even if you are very happy with the current position. Shifting your mindset from only looking when you need to, to never stop searching will drastically improve your chances of securing each job as you progress through your career map, bringing you closer to your ideal role.


What skills are in demand?

Keeping tabs on the job market will help identify what skills are in demand within your respected field. Understanding what skills are growing and which are shrinking will allow you to pivot your learning and development in alignment with how the market is adapting.

This will offer clearer paths as you develop your career, speeding up your job search process when you do decide to actively search, but also helping you evolve better even if you opt to stay where you are.


Are you being paid in line with the market?

The job market is not only great in identifying in-demand skills but also learning about how salaries are adjusting in your local area (or area of intention if you are open to moving).

Getting a clear idea of how salaries adjust over time in your field will help you determine if you are being underpaid in your current role or not. Gathering this information ahead of any internal salary reviews or yearly meetings will allow you to negotiate from a position of information if you feel you need to.


Where is growth taking place?

Growth extends beyond skills in demand and salaries across the market, and more specifically to the industries that are growing and shrinking.

Knowing which up-and-coming industries are gaining the most investment to pursue interesting projects that align with your unique career map will allow you to plan each career move more effectively.

You might also spot new industries that you hadn’t thought about before that could help adapt your career roadmap long term.


Your dream job might be waiting just for you

You never truly know if your dream job is just waiting to slap you in the face if you don’t at least check the market every once in a while. Be open and receptive to opportunities, have conversations and keep your career at the forefront of your mind.


Job searching is evolving and those that adapt to the changes will secure the best opportunities for their career at each change, simply because they are looking out for them. You can wait for the moment of unemployment or you can grab your career by the horns and run it your way.


We hope we have convinced you to at least explore the market more frequently, even if you are currently happily employed. If you feel someone else could benefit from reading this article, please share it with them.

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