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4 things failure can teach you

Posted on 01 September 2021

4 things failure can teach you

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Failure is a huge part of life; however, many do their best to avoid all situations in which failure might be an option. They live respectable lives but never outstanding, they seek challenges but never push themselves past the edge of the growth zone, they do what they can to ensure failure is kept at bay.


But the thing about failure is that it holds wisdom and truths that cannot be learned any other way.


A failed interview process might teach you where you lack knowledge, a failed career move might teach you what is not right for you long term and a failed promotion might teach you where you need to improve on soft skills.


What we want to do in this article is show you several ways in which failure can in fact teach you, some you may know already and others maybe not so. In the end, we hope to convince you that failure, although it might feel terrible at the time, it is simply another way for you to grow and develop yourself, aiding your journey of becoming the very best version of you.


Success is not guaranteed

Okay, this might not come as a shock to you, but success is not guaranteed. Even if you are the hardest worker in the room, or you want something the most, these alone still are not always enough to be a success.

Understanding that the risk of failure increases with more demanding challenges or positions will help you keep tabs on it but not be absorbed by the possibility of failure.

If failure occurs, use it as an…


Opportunity to redefine

Redefining priorities and goals following failure will help you identify new ways of success. Options that only become clear when you reflect.

Say for example you were personally learning React in your own time, but in all your interviews you keep getting rejected based on soft skills, not technical.

Redefining your personal development plan, focusing on soft skill development for a period of time will help ensure that when you have your next interview soft and hard skills are equally trained.

Use failure as a way to re-evaluate focus, we use the example of an interview process but it could work the same with the termination of a contract or a project, look to see what you can learn from each failure and use it as a way to learn for next time.

How we cope

Failure will teach you how you personally cope with feedback and certain situations. It will help teach you about your emotional reactions, thought process and more importantly how you view failure in general.

The more you experience failure and reap the benefits that come with it, the easier each setback becomes. The more immune you become to the initial impact, the happier your life will be.

People move on

When you fail at something, sometimes it feels like the worst thing in the world and that everyone is looking at you or talking about you. The truth is, unless you have done some unspeakable that has caused great harm, or are famous and end up in the papers, your failure will wash over peoples minds as quickly as it came about.

People move on, they forgive and forget. So don’t beat yourself up, when others aren’t doing it either.


Recognising opportunities amongst failure will take a personal mindset shift from fixed to growth, a journey of personal development that will lead you down a path of enlightenment. When you have this mindset shift, failure will become a welcomed friend and all those organisations that rejected you or all those projects that didn’t work out will become aids in helping you land your dream job.


Save this article for later or share it with your network if you feel a friend could learn more about how failure can in fact teach them. When finding a job can be a real challenge, sometimes it is the little gestures like sharing an article that can lift someone’s spirits.

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