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How to Network on Clubhouse

Posted on 29 September 2021

How to Network on Clubhouse

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Unless you have been living without internet the past year, you have probably heard or at least seen Clubhouse. The invitation-only voice chat social platform that took the world by storm earlier this year and has continued to grow its user base to an impressive 10 million active users per week.


During this article, we will explain in more detail what Clubhouse is, and more specifically how you can use the application to network and grow your own following and knowledge.


As mentioned, Clubhouse is an exclusive audio social platform (exclusive as it still requires an invitation from someone already using the application). Once you are signed in, you share your interests during your onboarding and the app will suggest ‘rooms’ that could match your interests as well as a feed, which they call the ‘hallway’.


Clicking into any of the rooms will give you direct access to a podcast style conversation. Each room has a host (or several), with speakers. Listeners can get involved as much or as little as they like, as well as drop in and out of rooms without stopping the flow of the conversation.


As with any social platform you can follow others and gain followers. If someone follows you back, you can enter what is called a ‘closed room’. It is this new style of social media combined with the big names that are using the application from Elon Musk to Oprah that has sparked huge interest in Clubhouse and what caused a dramatic rise in users.


We have identified a few ways with help from our community in which Clubhouse can be used to effectively network and potentially help you in a future job search.


Build an Engaged Room

We often encourage our partners to really think about creating their own personal brand. A way to showcase your skills, personality and knowledge outside of a static CV that will capture a hiring managers attention, making them want to know more about you.

Instagram is usually the platform of choice for personal branding with the ability to share reels, stories and photos with a more personal feel than say LinkedIn.

However, you could opt for running a Clubhouse room instead, growing your sphere of influence in an area you are personally passionate about. You could enlist support from colleagues or friends at the beginning to join conversations until your influence grows enough to seek external guest speakers.

Doing this enough could attract potential hiring managers in the future, or at the very least will prompt an interesting conversation starter during an application process


Stay up today with trends

If you feel that diving right into starting your own room might be a bit daunting off the bat, another alternative would be to follow rooms associated with your niche.

This will allow you to stay up to date with current trends in a more passive way. You can build your confidence as a listener, to begin with, moving into a contributing role over time.

Simply follow the right rooms and industry leaders to build a hallway dedicated to what you’re interested in and listen when you have time.


Make networking more personal

It doesn’t matter if you listen from afar or build your own room, what you will end up with is a more personal way to network with people within your industry.

One of the main codes of conduct about Clubhouse is that you cannot record the audio and redistribute the information, once the session has ended the conversation disappears. This is a fantastic way to personalise introductions to prospect managers or organisations in the future.

Coming off Clubhouse, find the speaker you want to approach on LinkedIn and send them a connection message highlighting something from their talk that resonated with you to prompt a conversation and build your network in a more personal way.

Long-term if you decide to apply for a job within this organisation or with that hiring manager, you will have a personal connection, boosting your chances of an interview.


What happens in the future with Clubhouse will be interesting. It is vastly different from other social platforms we currently have on the market and the exclusivity factor has you listening to influencers and investors on a regular basis, soaking up valuable information easily. With any social network, what you put into the tool will drastically impact what you get out of it, although it has not been set up to help find you a job specifically, hopefully, we have shown you a few ways to bend the application for your purpose.

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