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The Importance of a Thank You Note

Posted on 11 November 2021

The Importance of a Thank You Note

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It is hard to believe that the simple act of writing a ‘Thank you’ note following an interview or introduction can hold such power, but in reality, due with so few people doing it these days, those that take that extra time to showcase proper etiquette are immediately remembered and increase their chances at securing the next step.


Thank you notes are not exclusive to post interviewers, you can write them for a number of things from introductions and networking events to simply showing appreciation to someone you know but throughout this article, we will stick with the post-interview example.


Why should you send one?

Apart from it being the right thing to do, there are a number of other benefits that come with writing thank you note that we will cover during this article as well as a formula to help you write one next time you have an interview.


It leaves a positive impression – really it does, we know some managers that get so excited when someone writes one, simply because it is such a rarity these days.

It will make you stand out – due to it being a rarity, it will immediately make you stand out above the competition and it might sway the interviewer to progress with you, especially if it is a close decision.

It showcases more of who you are – when done with sincerity, it highlights more about your character and how you treat others.

It highlights your appreciation – when time is a scarce resource for everyone, respecting someone’s time and attention send a powerful message of how you value others.


How you should construct your thank you note

You can opt for a handwritten note (if it won’t take too long to get to them) or choose for an email or text. We prefer email over text for an interview thank you, but the choice really is yours.

Once you know your medium, consider the below:

Send it no later than 24 hours after the interview – sending it an hour or so after the interview is best as it allows you time to digest what has happened, making the thank you note more impactful but any longer than 24 hours makes it seem like a second thought.

Do more than just thank them for their time – show you were really paying attention by picking out something that was mentioned that resonated with you, or maybe any knowledge you gained from the interview that could better help your application.

Reconfirm next steps – Ensure you reconfirm the next steps, even if it is you waiting for feedback. If you are to send something or to book something in, let them know when you intend to do this.

Sign off correctly – Make sure you end the thank you note with the best contact details or links that could help your application. You could include your GitHub in a signature, it is a subtle way to get the hiring manager to click on it and spend more time with your application.


Putting it together

We have provided an example thank you note that you can use as a base template and adjust for your own needs. Remember to keep it short enough to not waste the interviewers time but long enough to be worthy of reading, it is a fine balance but you will get there.


Dear [Hiring Managers Name],

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me earlier and share more about the current [open position] at [company name].

Understanding more about [draw something out of the conversation that resonated with you] very much interests me and I am confident that my background in [tool, technology, industry etc.] could be a real asset to the team.

As per the conversation, I will [reconfirm next steps… send my personal profile, await your feedback, contact HR etc.].

If you need anything in the meantime, please email me or call me on [telephone number].

All the best

[Your Name]

[GitHub / Personal Website / LinkedIn]


Feel free to share this into your network should you feel someone could benefit from reading it!

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