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4 tips to help increase your workplace visibility whilst working remote

Posted on 02 February 2022

4 tips to help increase your workplace visibility whilst working remote

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​Remote working has become the norm for many over the last years, and with more organisations opting for either a remote-first or part-remote moving forward, we thought it would be useful to share some practical tips to help you increase your visibility at work, whilst working remote.


What exactly is workplace visibility?


In short, it is the recognition you receive from your contribution to company projects, conversations and decisions. In an office only set-up, visibility is often clear and straightforward, but with a remote or part-remote setting, lines can become blurred. Improving workplace visibility is crucial to help open up more opportunities long-term, access possible resources, build better connections among peers and improve communication across the business in general.


The remainder of this article will explore 4 tips we have compiled based on feedback from our network. These actions actively helped support those who shared them increase their visibility with excellent effect and we are confident you can have a similar experience.


Join in with the discussion

One of the easiest ways to stay visible to your colleagues is to join in with the discussion. Remote working has moved mostly everyone online in some capacity be it a newly found Slack channel or Teams chat, whichever your business uses, make sure you are actively participating in the conversation.

However, this is not limited to just idle text chat, joining in with the discussion also refers to team/company meetings. Speaking up in the right way, sharing ideas and voicing your opinion is a great way to increase and maintain visibility as you work more remote in the future. Don’t forget to actively listen, it is not just the ‘you’ show.

Do you need to discuss something that isn’t covered in another chat/thread? Then feel free to create a new one, inviting the relevant people who you feel could help solve the problem or challenge presented.

The best thing to do here is consider all the normal interactions you would have in the office, and find the right ‘home’ for them in your online set-up.


Align working schedules where you can

A huge benefit to remote working is the flexibility in which you work. Everyone has their own work schedule that suits them, however, a great way to increase your visibility with colleagues and managers is to communicate in real-time.

Real-time communication will allow for instant feedback loops, meaning more clarity on projects and better results long-term. Of course, if you are working across different time zones this can become more challenging, therefore if you cannot commit to a working schedule that suits everyone, then consider weekly or bi-weekly catch-up sessions to allow for everyone to get up to speed.

We also like setting our ‘status’ on certain communication tools, this way our team members know if to expect a response (or not).

The more real-time communication you have with your team, the more visibility you will gain with colleagues and managers, opening up the right opportunities for yourself and your career.



Have you had an idea that you feel could benefit a particular project, team or the entire company? Maybe it is a new business stream or a new incentive that could increase revenue. Show initiative and get creative, if you feel something can be improved from within your scope, tackle the project, if outside of your scope, then consider consulting the right team members (cross-department collaboration is great to increase your visibility outside of your immediate manager!)

We are yet to find a manager that doesn’t like it when their team members take the initiative to solve a problem, be mindful however you are employed for a particular task, ensure this is completed to the highest of qualities first, and explore other ways to support the business alongside, not instead of.



Sharing your knowledge as a volunteer in a mentoring programme, or via the company’s blog is a fantastic way to enforce as well as share knowledge but also great to keep yourself visible and in the minds of the management team.

If your company does not have a mentoring programme, why not help create one and offer support in the running of said programme.

Sharing your experiences with others and listening to theirs is hugely beneficial to your career no matter the path you intend to take long-term.


Without questions staying visible in a remote setting is much more challenging than in a traditional office only environment, however that doesn’t mean you cannot gain the right recognition for your work, just be mindful that it comes from a genuine place and not only self-promotion.


These tips have been shared with us by various members in our network and by sharing them with you, we hope they help bring simplicity to the chaos of recruitment in some way. Feel free to share this article and the tips with those in your network should you feel, they could benefit from reading it.

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