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How to follow up on a job application

Posted on 02 March 2022

How to follow up on a job application

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Probably one of the worst parts of a recruiting process is just after you clicked submit on your application and you suddenly get catapulted into the abyss as you wait for feedback.

Sometimes you wait a few hours and other times it can stretch weeks.

Frustration mounts, fear sets in and if it is your dream company, likely a lot of stress heading your way.

With this article, we discuss the usage of follow-ups in your application process. What they are, why you should use them and how to go about doing it in the best way. Follow-ups are not a mandatory step, if you are using Peritus Partners to aid your job search, we will do this for you, but it is a step that can help the process move a little quicker if you apply to organisations yourself (or if you haven’t heard back from another recruitment company!).

The main bulk of this article will be focused on how to help give you practical advice that you can adopt today, but let's first start with the what and why to follow-ups.


What is a follow-up and why should you do it?

A job application follow up can be a telephone call or email to check in with a hiring manager or HR contact after you have submitted your application. It can help encourage the hiring manager to move you along the process, pay closer attention to your application and give off a sense of genuine interest on your part.


How do you follow up?

There are many ways in which a follow up can evolve, the way we will suggest now is simply our method but you might develop your own style over time, a style that suits your personality better. This method can be adopted for both telephone and email which we will explore a little later in the article.

We recommend this method:

Wait two weeks before doing anything

This gives the hiring manager enough time to organically see your profile alongside the rest of the funnel. When you follow up, it means they might have more to share with your application in regards to the process than if you decided to reach out sooner.

Keep it to the point

Most of us skim read, therefore your follow up should be clear and to the point. Keep communication concise, the application is already with the team and this follow up is used to simply nudge them, not resubmit your details.


Reconfirm your interest

Although the message should be kept short, there is nothing wrong with reconfirming your interest levels for this particular company and/or role. Highlighting your reasoning could prompt the hiring manager to reach out and find out more.


Always be thankful

End your follow up with a respectable thankful message. Thanking the hiring manager for their time and attention goes a long way. You could also use this close to your email or telephone call with a call-to-action prompt for the next stage.

It doesn’t matter what option you choose: email or telephone, your follow up should be the same. Finding the right contact details for a follow up is crucial, the last thing you want to do is to send your follow up further into the abyss. Use the methods below to help get the right contact information and then after, we will share a completed email follow up template.



  • Check the job posting towards the bottom, you will generally find the hiring manager's email address.

  • Alternatively, check the company’s website under ‘team’ or something similar.

  • If you are connected to the hiring manager on LinkedIn or Xing, check their contact details to see if they have used the companies email address.

  • Call up reception and ask them if they can share the hiring manager’s email.

  • If all else fails, see if you are connected to another colleague within the business and check their contact details. If they have their work email showing, you can guess the hiring manager's email follows the same pattern ( etc.)



  • Check the job posting, sometimes a direct telephone can be found.

  • Similar to before, check the website as well as if you are connected on social media for a number.

  • Lastly, call the reception and ask for the hiring manager's extension or mobile number, or to be asked if you can be put through directly to them.


At Peritus Partners we take care of follow-ups for you, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day projects. Writing a follow up doesn’t always work, but it usually prompts a response, and even if it is a rejection, it is a response you didn’t have before.

Use the template below for an email follow up and as usual, if you feel someone could benefit from this article, please share it with them.

Email follow up template

Dear Hiring Managers Name,

I submitted my application for the [insert job position] advertised on [platform with a link if possible] on [date].

As of [today's date], I have not received any feedback as to my application and wanted to confirm that you did in fact receive it.

I am highly interested in working with you and the team at [company name] because [reasons for wanting to work there] and feel my knowledge in [brief experience that related to the job] could be a real benefit in this role.

If you wish to have a more detailed conversation about my application, I am free on [share a few dates] for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration

All the best

[Your Name]

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