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How to network your way into the hidden job market

Posted on 30 March 2022

How to network your way into the hidden job market

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If you are deep into your job search, you might have heard of the ‘hidden job market’. A phrase that emanates secrecy and exclusivity but in reality, it is simply the live jobs that you cannot find on the open job boards (sorry to ruin the fairy tale for you!).

The job market might be ‘hidden’ but it is very much accessible. Understanding what this market is, is one thing but knowing how to network through it is another, and this is what we want to show you throughout this article today. Several clear takeaways you can start implementing today in your search that will help bring you closer to your dream job.

A lot of the clients we represent use us as part of their hidden job strategy, they understand that when working with Peritus Partners they have access to a diverse talent pool that targets many of their needs and as a result, tend to not advertise outside of our channels or their direct website.

Therefore, working with us will be an easily accessible way for you into this hidden market, but there are other ways in which you can do it by yourself which we will look into.


Networking traditionally

Networking is a big theme that revolves around the hidden job market. If you are not already doing these more traditional networking activities, consider starting today. Every conversation you have has the opportunity to lead to a job opening you were not aware of.

Why not try:

  • Formal networking events such as job fairs, conferences and meet-ups (virtual or in-person).

  • Accessing college or bootcamp alumni.

  • Your personal LinkedIn / Xing / Twitter / Instagram and Clubhouse connections.

  • Asking friends or family.

Not everyone uses the same medium, therefore using a variety will allow you to spread your opportunities across all contacts and find information that might not have been visible on job boards. Information directly linking to job openings or future projects that could lead to a new opening for example.


Directly contacting employers of interest

We always ask the applicants we represent, what their ‘dream company’ is. Having this in mind gives us an idea into who you are and what type of environment and project could be best suited for you. We will then personally approach that company on your behalf if we are not already working with them, but if you are not working with us, you can do this yourself.

Ask yourself, if you could work for any business, who would it be?

Once you know the answer to this, don’t wait for them to post a job opening, approach them directly (the hiring manager not HR) and share your interest in their business. You can do this via social media, a letter, a cold call or if you are really brave an in-person meeting (just make sure they are in the office!).



Volunteering at companies of interest or within the industry you want to work in is a great way to make amazing connections that could lead to possible job opportunities.

The experience will also help build up a personal portfolio of work that you can share with other prospected companies in the future.


Subscribe to newsletters and blogs

Don’t forget to subscribe to newsletters and blogs from your favourite companies. Often, they will share their live jobs or future projects as a way of attracting talent without the advertising costs that come with job boards.

Also, this applies to social media as well. Lots of companies look to minimise adverting costs by building a following, they tend to post their live jobs here first and then move onto job boards if their immediate network doesn’t turn up the right individuals.


Inspect the pages

Okay, this is a long shot but we have seen it in the past. Inspecting the page elements can reveal potential job postings. The job postings are usually developer-focused and positioned in plain sight, therefore for the sake of spending less than 20 seconds inspecting the code, you might find job postings that others have missed.

You could also take the inspection a step further and dive deep into their code (if open sourced). If you can find a fault or a way to streamline their code and you present it in the right way, this could spark a conversation about you joining them


Hopefully, you feel a little more confident about the hidden job market, and you’re ready to start implementing our tips to help aid your search. If you want, check out our live jobs, or sign up to our website to get the latest positions directly into your emails, and to hell with secrecy, share this with your network if you feel they could benefit from the article.

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