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​How to prepare yourself for the workforce of the future

Posted on 20 April 2022

​How to prepare yourself for the workforce of the future

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The world around us is shifting at an alarming rate. Speaking from a sales background, we are used to adapting our approaches to suit the next generation of management, but a mixture of world events and advanced tech breakthroughs are speeding up a workforce shift that we feel is wise to keep track of yourself.

Forrester Research has reported that around 1.5 million jobs in the local economy will be stripped due to automation. The World Economic Forum in 2020 stated that the next 5 years will see a boom in technological hiring with a stall towards the end of 2025 (we are already halfway through that prediction).

Many of you who read Peritus Articles likely fall into tech, product, or design as this is where have focused our recruitment support as a business, however, it will no longer be enough to simply be part of these industries, preparing for the workforce of the future now will put you in a prime spot if the WEF prediction comes true and we find ourselves in a slump in a few years’ time.

The remainder of this article will focus on ways in which you can help prepare for the future workforce, allowing you to stay ahead of your peers and ensure you are employable even in the event of a downturn.


Create space for thinking

With so many notifications and scheduled meetings taking place daily, it has become very difficult for time to just stop, think, and reflect. It is within this created space where you might uncover your next big idea, career pivot or skill you wish to focus on.

It is always easier said than done, we have found that a daily reflection for 10 minutes at the end of our working day and weekly reflection on a Sunday works best for us. But remember there is no hard and fast rule, what works for us might not for you, take time to learn when is best for you.


Identify your own gaps

Over the years public opinion has shifted from becoming a generalist to a specialist. Double downing on your core strengths shouldn’t mean that you forget your weaknesses altogether, but this is often what happens.

Identifying your skill gaps and creating processes where you actively look to close them will put you in a better position long-term. Hiring managers are always interested in someone who can do more than the job description asks of them, therefore pushing yourself to grow in areas you are not familiar with will make yourself more ‘sellable’ and therefore desirable to the future workforce.

The balancing act here however is to still stay focused on your strengths but round out your gaps.


Become a serial learner

A serial learner is someone who thrives on learning and developing their core knowledge. Someone who is truly passionate about their craft and willing to seek support in areas they need but also share knowledge in areas they are skilled to reinforce skills.

Consider how the workforce has shifted even in the last 10 years, emphasis has been placed on learning and development, education budgets and internal mentoring schemes. Those that embrace these during the working day are reaping the rewards of exposure across a company and promotions… those that embrace them out of the working day will create communities and followings for themselves, attracting better opportunities in the future.

The beauty of learning is that anyone can do it, anyone can share, and you no longer need to be a perceived expert for people to listen.


Look after number one

The last 24 months have demonstrated that we live in an unpredictable world. Workforce shifts, global pandemics and other world events mean that even a well laid out plan might not be enough.

One of the best ways you can prepare for the workforce of the future is to be in the workforce of the future. Looking after yourself, minimising the risk of burnout, taking care of your body and finding time to relax from the day-to-day stress that comes with work.

Looking after yourself in the right way will ensure you are present for every future that comes up, ready to tackle the challenge with a clear head and set of goals.


Predictions are just that, predictions. Nobody really knows what will happen, we can plan but we need to be adaptable to changes. The workforce of the future is still being written, and we won’t know we are in that alleged destination until we reflect in the future. These tips are designed to give you the very best chance to secure the right role for you, no matter what the future looks like.

Space, gaps, learning and you.

Prescribe yourself these on a regular basis and the right team, company and role will come up at the right time.

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