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Things a job advert won’t always tell you

Posted on 08 June 2022

Things a job advert won’t always tell you

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A job advert will tell you many things, but not everything. In this article we will share with you what could be missing, based on the thousands of job adverts we have seen over the years, helping you know what to ask about when you schedule an interview.

If you are working with an external recruiter, they should know the answer to all of these questions, or at least be able to ask on your behalf before applying but in case not, you could also use this potential missing information as areas to research ahead of the interview, or simply discuss it during with the interviewer.


Why is the role open?

Roles are usually open for one of two reasons:

  • Growth in the team (usually driven by new investment, new projects or new customers)

  • Replacement hire (usually driven by someone leaving or being let go, it is wise to find out what happened if this is the case.)

Depending on the reason the company might choose to leave it off so as to not cast any doubt about the business. However, ensure to find this out during the process, it will help give you more information about the environment, especially if someone left or was let go.


How soon do they need someone to start?

99% of the time, an employer will say yesterday. But pushing on this further and finding out when it becomes ‘business critical’ to not have someone, this will help identify if your notice period or potential start date is in line with their expectations.

If they need someone next month but you have an unnegotiable 3-month notice, this project might not be a match but future positions could be. It is then down to you and the organisation to decide if the conversation is worth continuing.


Who is the role reporting to?

Sometimes the advert will contain an elusive job title like ‘Engineering Manager’ when the company has nine of them and other times it might clearly state ‘CTO’. The almost cliché phrase, employees don’t leave companies they leave bad managers is still true today, having a manager you can work with and learn from is crucial to continued success within an organisation. Find out the name of your potential direct manager as soon as possible and do your own research into them.

How big is the direct team you will be in?

How big or small your direct team might affect how much impact you can have within an organisation. We recommend not only finding out how big your direct team is, but also how big the entire tech team is and then the whole organisation. This will give you clarity on where you fit into the greater vision of the business.


Is the company financially secure?

Financial security brings many benefits to a position, and it is usually one of the first questions we ask when speaking with clients. If an investment happened recently or was rather large, normally organisations state this in a job advert, if you don’t see anything bring it up during the interview.

If you are an employee that wants more stability within a role, financial security within the business will help with that, therefore if the company hasn’t received investment yet, you can ask when they expect to close a round and weigh up the risk factors your side.


Is the contract permanent or fixed-term?

A job advert should state very clearly if a job is freelance or permanent. But sometimes, it might not explain if the job is really permanent or if it is a fixed-term contract (12 month) that has the benefits of a permanent job.

It is very important you clarify this early on so as to not waste time as fixed-term contracts can negatively impact visas depending on the country you are in.


Salary bands for the position

The last point, and often the most important to many is the salary bands for the specific position. The same-titled job could have vastly different salaries across companies, therefore identifying the salary bands per company will help you not waste your time or theirs if there is not a match.


Save this article for later and refer back to it whenever you are applying for jobs or preparing for interviews. If you feel a friend could benefit from the knowledge then pass it along.

Here at Pertius Partners we ensure we cover all of these off with you before you even apply for a position, ensuring you have everything you need to make an informed decision, if that sounds like the partnership you want then reach out to us today.

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