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How to find the right recruiter for you

Posted on 21 September 2022

How to find the right recruiter for you

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​You may decide to use a recruiter in your job search, either to help save you time in your process or to add an extra dimension to your process. Whatever your reasoning, finding the right recruiter for you is extremely important.

Recruiters are not all the same.

Like any profession, you will have your top performers and when it comes to recruitment, these are the ones you want to seek out in order to get you in front of the right hiring managers. This article will introduce the three main characteristics of a great recruiter, knowing these will help you suss out who is wasting your time and who is on your side.


They listen

Listening will extend much further that allow you time to talk during the first call, instead, a great recruiter will truly listen to your unique situation.

  • They will call when you tell them you are free, not randomly throughout the working day.

  • They actively engage in conversation and offer advice based on your personal situation, not forcing their opinion on you.

  • They take their time getting to know you, not rushing through each interaction and pressuring a decision.

  • They remember if you have spoken before, instead of starting each conversation from scratch, wasting your time further.

Listening is a skill, a skill that all great recruiters have mastered. To test if they are listening, next time you are speaking with a potential recruiter for you, see who speaks more (you or them) and if you, test they are listening by asking them open questions on what you have just said.


They are knowledgeable

The very best recruiters are knowledgeable in all areas they are recruiting.

  • They understand specific market trends related to your niche, allowing information to be more relatable to your career.

  • They understand the companies they are working with and can share upcoming projects, team culture, funding etc. (never accept that a recruiter cannot tell you anything about a company, it is likely they are not actually working with that company!).

  • They know where the market is heading in the future.

  • They are well connected to not just organisations but communities within your niche and actively educate themselves in order to best serve you better.

To test if someone is knowledgeable, take any of the points above and open up a discussion around them in your niche. An average recruiter will be able to hold a conversation for a few seconds but be lost very quickly, the best recruiters will happily engage and share what they know.


They have a track record

References are not exclusive to job searching, you can ask a recruiter for theirs as well to gauge their ability within the market. A great recruiter will happily share who they have worked with and on what project, they won’t simply say the company name but will provide a personal reference (or check on their LinkedIn).

To test this, ask specifically for their personal references. You will know if they are using company references or their own if they state only the companies, they have worked with but cannot back it up with a reference that includes their name.

Everyone has to start somewhere in recruitment and just because they cannot provide a personal reference doesn’t mean they are a bad recruiter, but remember, these recruiters will be representing you.

Finding the right person to explain your skills, requirements and interests in a manner you are happy with will be the difference between getting into an organisation and not in some cases.


When we work with you, we become one team. We are there to do a job and it is to find you the very best position for you, based on what you want out of life. If you want to see if Peritus Partners is the right recruitment organisation for you, reach out today and we can explore this option further.

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