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How having a blog can aid your job search

Posted on 26 October 2022

How having a blog can aid your job search

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How many times have you seen in recent years the ‘importance of building an online presence’ to help you in your job search? But with competition for the same jobs becoming more apparent as the years go by, having an online presence alone might not be enough anymore.

Starting an online blog, becoming an advocate for your industry and sharing your opinions can be a great passive tool that can aid you in your next job search, however many are not aware of its true power, allowing you to get ahead of the competition if you stick to it.

Blogging isn’t new, it actually dates back to 1994, with the first blog being set up by Justin Hall as a place to publish his writing over time blogging has increased in popularity and created subgroups such as vlogging.

Writing a blog has a number of benefits from exposure and knowledge sharing to learning and making new connections (the list can go on but we will stop there for now!), what we will cover in this article is a by-product of writing a blog, it shouldn’t be the sole focus of creating one as you will likely lose interest long term.


Setting yourself apart from other job seekers

As mentioned in the introduction, finding a new job is becoming more of a challenge every year, with some studies indicating as many as 250 applications are sent per corporate vacancy. Taking the time to start a blog and write about relevant topics within your industry and/or niche will show prospected employers more about who you are, how you spend your time and what you are interested in that a CV simply cannot.


Showing off what you know

Employers are interested in hiring individuals who either know what they are doing right now or have the potential to grow with them. Having a consistent blog that showcases knowledge will allow you to demonstrate in greater detail where your skills are at this present time, aiding the decision-making process to move forward with your application or not.


Staying current

You will likely start your blog writing about things you know, but soon enough you will want to push yourself and learn new ideas and write about those. Having a blog will allow you to stay current within your niche, giving you the chance to research, test and then reinforce your knowledge by writing about it in a way that will relate to others.


Blogging and networking

Blogging can directly link to networking. We mentioned before that it can be a passive tool for your job search, there will only be so much time you can invest in job searching and networking through social platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. Instead, you can make the right people find you by producing quality, consistent content that they want to check back on and read. Hiring managers are keen to expand their knowledge as well and we know many that follow blogs to stay current, with job opportunities being extended frequently to the ones they like.


Writing a blog is a labour of love. You do it because you have a passion for what you are writing about and want to share your knowledge or journey with others. A common misconception is that you need to already be an expert in your field to write one but this is far from the truth, we know amazing individuals who have shared their development journeys from the very beginning and seen huge success with followers.


One final note, if you intend to start a blog, consistency is key. Hiring managers looking at blogs will be far more impressed by someone who can commit to writing once or twice a week than someone who does it three times a year.

If you do end up writing a blog and want to be featured in our Peritus Media Centre, contact us today!

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