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Using The Dots to aid your job search

Posted on 02 November 2022

Using The Dots to aid your job search

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Okay, please bear with us on this one as you might not have heard about The Dots ( The Dots describes themselves as ‘The professional network for people who don't wear suits to work’. Essentially it is a professional social platform that offers a number of interesting features when used correctly, could help you in a job search.

We signed up to The Dots to give it a test run, find out what’s what before writing this article to help save you time if you decide to join the platform. This article will peel back the platform and offer you an insight into the features we feel are valuable in a job search, but of course there will be more to explore on the full site.

Although this post is about The Dots, we know not everyone will sign up but there are still some things we can learn from them and we will apply those learns to other platforms as well throughout the article.


Who is The Dots really for?

So, you have read their description but who is the platform really for? We mean, who is actually using this social tool right now? Well from what we can see it is a mix of design-type folk and developers.

The largest group of users seems to come from the UK, specifically London and this is echoed by the live jobs (which we will come onto in a bit) which doesn’t surprise us considering their main target audience is in the UK.

Despite you potentially not residing in the UK, The Dots, like any other social media tool can still be beneficial for you during your job search, especially if you are in design or development and we will show you how.


Showcase Projects

One of the best features we have seen on The Dots comes from their ‘Projects’ section in your personal profile.

As the platform is focused towards the creative industry, they have ensured that everyone’s profile has the opportunity to have creative flare added to it through ‘projects’.

On your profile, you can add a number of projects and include imagery to each, highlighting what was done in greater detail.

You can also tag teammates into projects and vice versa which will be added to another part of your profile.

What this does is make your profile a little more pleasing to the eye and when done correctly, can really capture someone’s attention.

How can this help me in my job search?

If you opt to use The Dots, you will be able to market your profile a lot more to prospected hiring managers and organisations simply by using this feature. However, if you are in a location that The Dots is not that prominent or you decide to not sign up then you can still use this feature in a way on LinkedIn.

To do this, post some information about a project you have worked on, almost like a STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Results) answer with an eye-catching image with some text on the image saying: Project One (or something similar).

Once posted, feature this post on your profile and it will then appear in your featured section. If you do this with several projects, whenever a hiring manager or recruiter clicks on your LinkedIn, they will be able to read more about specific projects, helping to decide if you are a good match for them or not.


Upskilling at Events

Unlike other social platforms that put all their learning material behind paywalls, The Dots offers both free and paid courses, but all are browsable right after signing up, allowing you to pick the paid ones or just use the free ones.

Events and courses are created by partners, which you can apply to become if you have a course idea.

They vary in what they teach but like any upskilling tool, you simply have to search for what is important to you.

How can this help me in my job search?

Events, conferences, meet-ups etc. are all great ways to expand your network and knowledge. Many of these events are still remote, which means you might be able to network with people who you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet before, opening up new avenues and potential introductions.

Upskilling on areas identified during interview feedback will naturally help you improve on future applications, read your feedback and check to see if The Dots events space is holding something that could benefit you.


Job Searching

The Dots has a job search function, similar to other social tools like LinkedIn. A lot of the jobs posted were in London or remote from the UK, so this might not be relevant to everyone reading this article but still worth mentioning.

The search is simple to use, you toggle what you are interested in based on the job type (permanent, freelance, part-time or internship), the seniority (senior, mid-level or junior), the location, industry and finally the company if you wish.

The system will then search and bring the results to the front.

You can also save searches to be automatically updated when a new post is live, find collaborators on projects (which we really liked, especially if you wanted to launch a project) and see the jobs you have already applied to (again, another great tool which helps with applicant tracking).


Is The Dots going to break the LinkedIn machine from moving forward? Time will tell, but it is an interesting alternative for the creative industry especially. It has some nice features, specifically the projects and collaborators which might prove useful to those that sign up. If not, as we mentioned you could use many of these features on LinkedIn in a roundabout way.

We hope this article helped added value in some way by either saving you time or introducing you to a new platform, if you decide to sign up, feel free to connect with us. As always, if you feel someone in your network could learn from this article, please share it with them and let’s help simplify the chaos of recruitment.

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