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How to beat the New Year job search rush

Posted on 07 December 2022

How to beat the New Year job search rush

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The lights are up, work is winding down and you have heard just about enough of the ‘Christmas drinks’ as you can handle. Reflecting on the year you decide to take on a new challenge come 2023 but best do it before the big rush of ‘New Year, New Me’ job seekers!

There is plenty you can do this side of the break to set yourself up for success as despite organisations winding down, recruitment thrives and typically processes are sped up whilst hiring teams have more capacity.

So why wait until the start of the year to find your dream job?

Exactly, there is no reason and with that we want to ensure we help you as much as we can. Follow some of these top tips to beat the rush and be heading into 2023 with your new role already in hand.


Identify who is actually hiring

This one seems obvious but with your time limited, focus on approaching companies that are actually hiring first.

To determine this, you can look through job boards, websites and ask peers who work at companies of interest.

Understanding who is hiring will allow you to focus time and energy on the companies that are likely to become fruitful, after you tackle these, you can expand your search to companies of particular interest to determine if they have openings that are not yet advertised that could suit (they might have plans for Q1 not yet shared publicly).

I would advise if you are not that active and instead taking a softer approach you might want to bypass the active unless a company of specific interest appeals to you and instead exclusively reach out to companies where you want to work.


Create the right job search routine

With an awareness of who is hiring before you dive right into applying create the right job search routine. This will differ if you are already employed or in-between roles as to how much time you can invest daily / weekly to search.

I would suggest you break down your week into key actions such as: direct outreach, LinkedIn networking and application creation.

This will serve you during the tougher periods of your search when you might feel you are not getting anywhere, or rejections become a little heavier to deal with.

A solid day-to-day searching routine gives you something to focus on as the input is in your control, as the results will depend on a magnitude of variables.


Spruce up your LinkedIn and CV

We now know who is hiring and who we are targeting. We have a solid plan to stay motivated but one last thing before we send those profiles out is to update both our LinkedIn portfolio and CV (and your portfolio if you work in design!).

I know many might read that and think ‘why should I update both’ but trust me, hiring managers will usually look at both your LinkedIn and CV before drawing a conclusion. If both are presented clearly with your skills, you will have a much better time convincing them to speak with you.

Little hint, they do not need to be drastically different so update your LinkedIn (this will help recruiters and talent teams find you easier) and download it as a PDF for your formal CV (or manipulate it slightly in your own CV template).

Having both is important in the modern job-seeking world but your LinkedIn will also act as a gateway to be found and the more information you share, the more relevant the opportunities will be that find you.


Take the search into your own hands

Now you are ready to get going. You might find very quickly that you are found by recruiters offering you a variety of roles and before you know it you have more opportunities than time, great right! Well, it depends on how you view it.

A recruiter opportunity can be right for you (I mean I am a recruiter so I should hope so) but I would advise not relying exclusively on opportunities they find if you are active. Stay ahead of the curve, find hiring managers yourself and make direct outreaches.

Keep trying to knock on doors so to speak and take the search into your own hands, remember we are trying to beat the New Year rush not join them.

Therefore during your plan, you should put ample time to network as you never know what will lead from a message.


Respect timings

Just because a company is hiring actively, and you are applying with interest it doesn’t mean they are ready to commit to hiring in the time frame you need or desire.

Most companies we know will indeed offer before the break if they feel you are right but some, and often larger companies might have more bureaucratic procedures involved that might delay timings.

If you find yourself in that position, respect the timing and ask for frequent updates but reciprocate if another opportunity is taking you off the market so the organisation can adjust accordingly to your application.


Searching during December is truly a good idea if you are intending to leave in Q1 anyway. These tips will help create a bit more structure to your job search and hopefully offer you some guidance if we were to look ourselves.

You can always check out our live opportunities and if something interests you, reach out to someone in the team today!

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