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Job Seeker Advice from the Experts (Part 1)

Posted on 13 December 2023

Job Seeker Advice from the Experts (Part 1)

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Throughout 2023, we've collaborated with more than 50 hiring teams to provide valuable insights for job seekers, aiming to help you enhance your approach within the current job market.

This journey has been remarkable, and if you're a regular reader of our blog, you've likely witnessed the positive impact of the advice we've shared. However, understanding that it might be challenging to revisit every blog post written this year, we've condensed our highlights.

We present to you Part 1 of the top ten insights that we feel you should take note of if you want to stay ahead of the competition.


Utilise Social Media

Original Article (Career Advice (

There seems to be a prevailing notion within the tech industry that having a LinkedIn profile removes the need for a traditional resume.

However, this assumption is far from accurate.

A resume is your formal document, and while it may encompass certain aspects of your LinkedIn profile (or other social media profiles), it should offer deeper insights, greater value, and a more structured presentation.

LinkedIn, and similar platforms, serve as social hubs where you can showcase your personality, share posts, engage in discussions, like, comment, and follow groups.

As Oliver Langsteiner (CGI) highlighted, leveraging social media profiles, whether it's LinkedIn, Xing, Dribbble, or any specialised tool within your field, is crucial in today's professional landscape.

Not only do these profiles allow hiring teams to gain a preliminary understanding of you as a candidate before any actual conversations, but they also make you discoverable, provided they are regularly updated and maintained.

Regrettably, many individuals in the tech industry receive irrelevant messages from recruiters. Often, this stems from having outdated profiles that fail to accurately reflect their current skills and expertise.

If your profile is unclear about your skills and experience, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities that align perfectly with your career aspirations.

The key is to keep your social media profiles up to date, actively maintain them, inject elements of your personality, actively contribute to relevant groups, and become an advocate within your niche. Over time, this proactive approach will set you apart in the job market and make the job search process significantly smoother.


Fill the Gap

Original Article (Career Advice (

Creating a positive impression during interviews can be remarkably straightforward when you pinpoint gaps within the company and explain how your skills align with addressing these.

While easier said than done, asking inquisitive questions, and adopting a curious mindset can offer substantial insights in a short time frame.

Alaa ElSayed (Scoutbee) explained that by delving into the product and industry, you can anticipate the company's potential directions. From here, you can see prospective avenues for value add. It's essential, however, to refrain from positioning yourself as a sole saviour, recognising that the gaps you identify might not be entirely accurate. Nevertheless, this demonstrates an attempt to grasp the internal landscape, which sends a positive message to the team.


Quality over Quantity

Original Article (Career Advice (

Alex Ganyukov (Billie) mentioned in today's job market, companies are focusing on hiring quality over quantity. Job seekers need to understand that the hiring process may take longer, and decisions are more deliberate. To increase your chances of success:

Do Your Research: Thoroughly research each company you apply to and customise your applications accordingly. Tailor your resume, cover letter, and interview answers to showcase your skills and alignment with the company's values.

Learn from your mistakes and use each rejection as motivation to head into the next process with more intent, learning from the past.


Don’t try to People Please

Original Article (Career Advice (

Contradiction can arise if you struggle to provide a clear explanation of your career journey, including the reasons behind your past moves and your future aspirations, as highlighted by Clara Kiani (Oetker Digital). It is crucial to focus on establishing a genuine connection between both parties rather than forcing one that may ultimately result in a premature termination of the employment contract.

By shifting the focus towards finding the right mutual fit, you can create a solid foundation for a successful partnership, benefiting both you and the company in the long run.


Be Self-aware

Original Article (Career Advice (

A valuable piece of advice from Carsten Windler (PlanA) is that "less is more" when it comes to listing skills. Merely having briefly encountered something does not necessarily qualify it as a skill. True skills are those in which individuals possess a deeper understanding and proven proficiency.


Explore each of those articles in-depth and stay tuned for Part 2 and five more stand-out insights to get you ahead in the job market as we close out the year.

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