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Bringing simplicity to the chaos of recruitment

Allowing you to focus on what you do best, develop world-changing ideas

What we recruit for...

At Peritus Partners, our mission is to bring simplicity to the chaos of recruitment allowing you to focus on what you do best, develop world-changing ideas.

We tailor a recruitment experience based on who you are and where you want to be tomorrow.

As next generation recruiters, we blend business, education, and community together to create a seamless experience like no other.

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    Product Design

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    Product Management

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    Software Engineering

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    Data & Analytics

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    Hardware Engineering

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    Executive Search

Looking to hire?

Customising our business to align with your requirements has enabled us to craft three unique solutions, ensuring adaptability regardless of your company's developmental stage.

Each solution adheres to our meticulous sourcing process, minimising time wastage and yielding a higher number of qualified leads.


  • Suresh

    VP of Data, Series C | E-Mobility

    ​Mark has been a valuable consultant our recruitment needs. Recruitment agencies are a dime-a-dozen these days, typically annoying and self-serving.Mark, on the other hand, truly cares about his clients, both employer...

  • Carsten

    Head of Development, Series-A | Green-Tech

    ​Eden is without doubt the best recruiter I have worked with so far.He took a keen interest in understanding skills, requirements and expectations and then turning them into the right positions (a talent I must stress...

  • Kieren

    Managing Director, Global Consulting Firm

    ​I have worked with Jodi for a several years now. She has always been one of the stand out recruiters who really wants to learn things outside of her remit, in order to better serve her clients and candidates. Always ...

  • Paulo

    Head of Talent Relationships, Series B | Ecommerce

    ​Jodi is a long-term partner, a very valuable asset to our team. Reliable, accurate, fast and kind, I would say that she is the perfect partner when it comes to high-standard staffing services. Supporting extremely co...

  • Nils

    VP Global IT and Platforms, Series C | Energy

    Eden and myself got in touch over an opportunity he approached me with. I can only confirm it was a real pleasure working with him, the overall approach was all very professional and he assisted from start to end by a...

  • Sébastien

    Chief Data Officer, IPO | Travel

    I have been working with Mark for several years now and have come to see him as the perfect partner for recruiting Data experts.He understands the Data ecosystem very well and immediately grasps what type of profiles ...

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