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Peritus Partners is a progressive search firm situated at the forefront of the ever-changing junction where recruitment, education, and community converge. Our inception was fuelled by a desire to make a meaningful impact on the broader community and to establish a company committed to uncompromising quality.

Our founders—Jodi Barrow, Mark O'Toole, and Eden Whitcomb—stand as both nominees and winners of numerous accolades, including the prestigious Global Recruiter Award for excellence in international hiring. The core strength of our team lies in specialised recruitment across domains such as Design, Product, Software, Data, and Cloud.

In addition to our recruitment endeavours, we have woven a fabric of community-focused educational initiatives under the banner of Peritus+.

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The Peritus Loop

The Peritus Loop is our comprehensive, end to end recruiting method that draws on Agile to offer iterative recruitment based on real data.
Our loops flow through On-boarding, Sprint and ends with Aftercare.
Resulting in professional guidance at every stage of your recruitment cycle.


During your On-boarding stage with us, your dedicated account partner will look to deeply understand your organisations unique challenges, culture and job requirements to best match the right talent. They will also offer as much or as little guidance as you wish on: salaries, market insights, diversity and inclusion as well as your own internal hiring process. The on-boarding stage will help us all identify if this is the right partnership to embark on.


The Sprint stage where our Peritus Loop truly come into play. This section will be where your account partner or allocated team will perform the main bulk of their work for you. During this stage, we use a number of sourcing tools from LinkedIn Recruiter and Xing Talent Manager to GitHub and StackOverFlow. The result is a 20+ step process that should bring forward the right person for your unique job, or the chance to iterate the search based on market data. Each sprint is defined with you and your account partner ahead of work commencement based on the onboarding stage.


Once we have found the right person for your company with successful contract signing, your account partner will move into an aftercare position. Meaning, they will actively offer guidance across resignation, relocation and visas as well as conduct bi-weekly catch ups from the moment a contract is signed right through to the passing of probation. Helping you improve retention rate and employee in take for the future.
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Peritus Plants

Peritus Plants is our commitment to openly support and contribute towards the National Trust goal of planting 20 million trees by 2030.

Every placement made by Peritus Partners will result in a tree being planted in that person's name. Allowing us to collectively support not just the community through our recruitment efforts, but help also offer current and future generations aid in the fight against climate change.​​

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